Sunday, June 8, 2008


I'm back up to my highest weight again. How can I let this happen?? This was gonna be my year! My mom says when i get disgusted enough i will take action and do something about it. I'm awfully disgusted, but i guess just not enough.

We bought a water softening/purifying system last week. I'm hoping this will help me now that i can't use the gross Florida water as an excuse. My water is now amazing, I love it!

Summer has arrived in Florida, its so hot already! I'm gonna hate July and August. My least favorite thing to do is to sweat. It's kinda hard to exercise without getting sweaty.


EVA said...

i completely disagree...when im disgusted i dont have energy to think positive. i care about nothing. and so i cant take care of myself....

i recently gained every thing back too....i feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

It can still be your year! Go ahead, work up a sweat. Then you can pamper yourself with a refreshing shower & a glass or two of that wonderful tasting water! Have a good week!