Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fat March

I found myself in downtown Orlando on Fat Tuesday trying to find not only a place to eat but a place to park. On the city overview on my GPS there must be at least 8 tiny beer mugs per block. Put the two together and I had resided myself to going hungry, except i had my best beloved with me so i had to feed her. I finally found a parking garage via an alley, I'm not sure how i wondered down. First half hour is FREE!!! We found a taco chain that the name escapes me at the moment. They had a Tuesday special (not in honor of Fat Tuesday, just cuz it was Tuesday) that was pretty good.

Best Beloved is the youngest among all her friends, so there has been talk of her 21st birthday. When they can finally ALL go out drinking. She has decided to go to Orlando for a pub crawl, she said they wouldn't have far to crawl. I told her if it came to fruition that i would reserve two 2 bedroom suites for them all at the "vacation club" we have in Orlando (which is where we where staying, we went to see WICKED). For now I have 5 and a half years before i have to worry about that.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog, FAT MARCH.

I was not real sure of why or what Fat Tuesday is, so i looked it up. Mardi Gras IS Fat Tuesday. I always thought that Fat Tuesday was the end of Mardi Gras. That Mardi Gras was this celebration that stretched on for a week or more, but i discovered that it is only one day. It is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, aka the first day of Lent. I'm not Catholic or whatever you are when you observe Lent but I know that you give up something for 40 day until Easter. So back in the day the people would gorge themselves the day before the beginning of the fasting that began on Ash Wednesday.

Now with all that said, my family and I went on vacation March 17th - March 25th. I have been saying for, well, ever, that I'm gonna go on a diet, live style change, whatever. I figured that i could make this my FAT MARCH. Gorge and glutton myself all vacation long and not worry or feel guilty at all because I'm gonna get my shit together by April 1st. I was so excited at my Fat March invention!! Sunday March 20th we ALL get a bug. If you're not barfing, your trotting back & forth to the pot. For some unfortunate soles it was both. Needless to say i just had my first full meal today. Now that I'm back home, I'm not in the mood to pig out until the 1st. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like exercising either. I guess I'm just saying that I'm feeling ready to make a change.

This time I'm really gonna do it.

For Real. . . .

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Update

I got through Thanksgiving. I didn't have the turn out i was expecting, i think there was about 18 of us. Some family was sick, others went to spouse's family and some had to work. It turned out great. My mom was so pleased she decided i can host it again next year. (great!!) The house looked great, the food was wonderful and plenty. It was somewhat of a nightmare only because i had never done it for so many before, but now i know what I'm in for and i have confidence that it is doable.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What was I thinkinhg??!!

I have always hated Thanksgiving. My most favorite holiday of the year is New Years Day! Why you ask, because the holidays and all the madness and fuss that comes with it is over and all the stores are open. So I'm not real sure why i have found myself hosting Thanksgiving Day (from here on out known as Tday) at my house.

I'm not a good housekeeper, I'm the most unorganized person i know and i have some serious hoarding tendencies. All those things aside, I and my family find ourselves "Wawa" less. Not to say that wawa is dead or anything, she's just recently had major surgery and recovery is very slow going. Wawa is my mom, she is 57 and hasn't been in the best of health for the last 30 years. I remember as a child her having arthritis and being in pain allot, she always had trouble getting around, although that never stopped her from participating in life. She just did it and took pain pills and other medications at the end of the day. She says you must consider quality of life verses quantity of life. Now she finds herself recovering from a surgery that is suppose to ensure both quality and quantity in the long run, but for now, we wait.

And while we wait, Tday is fast approaching and i have stepped forward to host Tday at my house. Sure, I have aunts that might be better equipped to prepare this feast we have all grown accustomed to, but my house is the biggest and can accommodate all the friends and family that call Tday with us their tradition.

I have searched the Internet over to find the complete guide to preparing Thanksgiving at my home but all those site want to prepare me for is the food. There is so so so so so so so much more that needs to be done. I mean for real!!! I have broken blinds in the entry way, that detail needs to be on a list somewhere. I was in the check out at Wal~Mart and spotted Everyday with Rachel Ray. The November issues cover boasted of a Complete Thanksgiving Guide, again, NOT. There is so much to do and with my ADHA problem, I just don't know that i can pull this off. If anyone has advice or direction, please help. I hope blogging about it can keep me focused moving forward.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm 15 no, wait, 16 days into this new year, no, wait decade of mine and really feel like i haven't gotten anywhere. I have been wanting to figure out my new year resolutions, which i guess i should've done in December, but haven't.

I just knew this was gonna be my year, and it still might be, but things are so so so so busy.

We, my husband and I, are gonna buy a home in Jacksonville. I'm over Callahan, its small, backwards, redneck and just too far from Jacksonville to drive everyday. I was so hoping to wait til Tara was driving to move to Jax so she could get herself to school, but i just can't!! I'm gonna see if i can find a teacher that lives in jax to take her in the mornings and possibly bring her home. Wish me luck on that.

We have found a BIG beautiful 2400 square foot brick home. Two living rooms, two dinning rooms, office, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths one with a whirlpool tub, a huge Florida room with a doggie door, a kitchen that words cannot begin to describe and a walk-in closet in the master bed room the size of my daughters current bedroom at our old house. We move in Feb 1. I will wait til i get my house settled to work on anything else.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm struggling with a tough decision, the age old question, "Should I stay or should I go?" I hate coming home. I get angry and grumpy when i go home. Why? Could it be cuz my house is a wreak? My daughter is sassy? The laundry is piling up? The trash everywhere because my husband won't take it out? Or is it just the husband? I like my husband, or at least i keep telling myself that i do. I don't love him. I feel like if i leave him, i would be abandoning a child, that is helpless and needs me. I recently realized that I'm not a kid anymore, don't care what others think and need to realize that my happiness is the only one that's gonna get me through this life of mine. Going around trying to make others happy only sucks the life out of you, and of course, I'm over that. I've been listening to a mediation CD and it talks about the present, love, happiness, angry, all that, that existed in the past is just a memory and all that is planned for the future is a fantasy. Only love and happiness can exist in the present. It was kinda hard to wrap my head around but i do get it. Do you?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!``

Everyone who knows me, knows that beyond any doubt that I HATE CHRISTMAS!! My favorite day of the year is New Years Day. I love this day, Christmas is over, all the stores are open, I stayed up late the night before and don't feel guilty about it, I get to eat greens and black eyed peas and most of all I get to spend it with my family, no strings attached. No pressures of gifts like at Christmas, no big meal planned to stress about, just the hope and promise of a new beginning. Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Im a big fat failure

I haven't done ANYTHING, i'm a miserable excuse of a blob of a being. I need to, no i must find the strength within to get off my oversized rumpis and do something, even if it's wrong!

Ever been there?

How did you get out?

. . . . the meds aren't working.