Monday, September 22, 2008

How i spent my day

Well, Biffle won the race and The Jags won their game. My husband and daughter and I went into Jacksonville today to pick up some stuff from Walmart and get some lunch. When i got up at 11am i had a yogurt so on the way to town my husband wanted to know where I wanted to eat, i sat and dreaded the thought of eating and not knowing what to do or where to go. I just kept thinking i should've stayed at home and eaten, where it was safe. We ended up at Salsarita's and opted for the taco salad. I knew the fried taco bowl was not a good idea but i like them alot. I ordered it and i ate. It was yummy! Later i can home and got online hoping i could get some nutritional info from the web and found out that Salsarita's has a nice way of picking your toppings and it will calculate all your nutritional info. I weighed in at 998 calories. I had a ham and swiss for dinner, i grilled it with some butter so that was about 400 calories so lets see for the day. . .
yogurt 100
lunch 1000
sweet tea 350
dinner 400
that's a total of 1850.

My husband and I spent most of the day building new closet shelves in our bedroom. The crappy wire rack had failed to hold up so all my clothes have been in a pile for a week. Whenever my husband builds something he does it to the extreme. Now my closet shelves will hold ME. While he was cutting and drilling and didn't need my help i was cleaning and organizing my sewing table. I haven't been near my sewing table ever since we moved in a year ago, I've just kept piling it up and neglecting it. So today I cleaned and organized it. I have so many projects that i need to finish and even more i need to start. When i sew I can spend hours at my table not even thinking about food or eating. I just have so much other stuff to do i keep telling myself, "when my paperwork it caught up", "when the kitchen is clean". There's a million things i should be doing but I'm a procrastinator. I wish i weren't.


Felicia said...

Just wait till your clothes get smaller and smaller. They get lighter too!! I was packing away some of my old clothes and I coudlnt believe how heavy they were. So something to look forward to!!

I hear you about the "to do list". I have a whole list of projects that I need to get done also. They always just get pushed to the side. Working on changing that though. One project at a time lol.

You are doing wonderfully!! Keep up the great work!!


Elusive_Allure said...

I'm soooo the same way with the to do stuff. I find that if I "just keep going, no excuses" Sometimes, I can power through.... Like the "rip the band aid off" mentality.

That is really good with the calorie count!! :-D.... One day at a time...

How was your Monday weigh in? How is your week going?

My quote of inspiration ripped from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
Do you think “I can't.” “I don't want to.” “I'm feeling stressed”??
“I can.” “I want to.” “I'm feeling exhilarated!”??