Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Im a big fat failure

I haven't done ANYTHING, i'm a miserable excuse of a blob of a being. I need to, no i must find the strength within to get off my oversized rumpis and do something, even if it's wrong!

Ever been there?

How did you get out?

. . . . the meds aren't working.


A Woman On the Verge said...

Yes, I have been there. There is no sense in self loathing. It will only ensure defeat. You know after I read your kind comments I just had to find out who you were. You and I could be twins in regards to our lives... except of course that your younger and for that you should be slapped but other than that remember that you are AWESOME. I don't know you but I would say you are probably unappreciated and tend to measure yourself by the feedback of those around you. Your selling yourself short there. The only advice I can give regarding weightloss or even a messy house is that what sparks a change is different for everyone. For me it wasn't some "light bulb moment" I was just so sick of myself and couldn't keep doing what I was doing any longer. I am a bit of a perfectionist and would usually try doing to much at once which only leads to failure. I started with something small. If you do something every day for at least 3 weeks it becomes a habit. I was working 3rd shift so I decided to only bring what I was aloted calorie wise to work and bring NO MONEY because I was a call center manager and sat on my butt most of the night which can make those snacks dangerous! After that I added the treadmill (my favorite). I could hardly walk 10 minutes at first but eventually I was walking 5 miles a day! Those little changes start to snowball. I got so that when I didn't walk I felt awful. I went from dreading it to feeling like it was my lifeline out of stress. I loved the rush after walking.
Unfortunately I had an injury last January and have put a lot of weight back on and am just starting back on the path but I kept it off for over 3 yrs, I know what works for me and I know I will be back where I want to be in no time.
Remember too that life and death is in the power of the tongue. If you say your a big fat failure it's as good as speaking it into existance. I hope this helps.

Natalia said...

I've been there too! I wish I could wave a wand a make it all better for you. Hang in there!