Friday, December 28, 2007

The Scales

I bought scales the other day. Big feet area, large lighted display. I got them home and took them out of the box, inserted the batteries and hopped my happy ass up there. 307.4 Great i ran to pee and came straight back to weigh again just knowing that i peed a gallon. 308.2 WTF???!?!? How does that happen???? Kicked the scales to the side and walked away muttering under my breath. Bright and early the next morning, and remembering that "you weigh less in the morning" (I'm still not sure about how that happens) i went to weigh 304.8 Hooray!! Hours later, i hadn't eaten or drank ANYTHING!! 305.5 STUPID SCALES! They must be defective. I should be happy that I'm not the 312 that i was in the summer, and i am.

Just went to make me something for breakfast although its almost noon. Got half a whole grain bagel with cream cheese and coffee. What would have made it better for me? Bagel was good, cream cheese could have been light or just less. Coffee, should've used a low cal sweetener and the fat free creamer (which i usually buy but grabbed the wrong thing on that particular visit to the grocery store).

later. . . For lunch i had a roast beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo sandwich. The bread was sourdough and i know that's not all that bad as far as calories and fat grams, the roast beef was lean, the cheese was the Kraft Deli Selects 2% so it only had 60cal/4fg. lettuce and tomato . . . yummy! I can't live without the mayo. I know i need to learn how to but i only used a small amount. No, Really i did. I drank water with my lunch. So so far today, I'm feeling pretty good about myself, as far as eating.

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Saweetie-Carleen said...

my scale is simliar like that--- I"m not sure what to do- throw it out the window or just not use it!! luckily I go to WW meetings where the scale is the same each time I step on....bare with it, find taht one spot on the floor and leave ti there!!
Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge! have a good weekend