Saturday, December 29, 2007

A day in my life

I feel particularly icky right now. i started off the day GREAT, then somewhere along the way it all went to squat. As usual, I can't seem to make it through an entire day without blowing it. After lunch my husband came home and we decided we would drive to Savannah to get our daughter that had gone to spend a few days with our cousin. Traffic was AWFUL. Stop and go the entire way. I HATE TRAFFIC! By the time we got to exit 94 i was starving. We are prearranged to meet at the Hardees so of course they weren't there and i was hungry so i get the 1/3 pound mushroom Swiss burger on sourdough (did i mention i love sourdough bread?) and a big basket of curly fries, and a small diet coke. I don't guess it mattered it was small cuz i got to refill it as much as i wanted to run back and forth across the lobby. 1200 calories, and 65 fat grams. OMG!?! When we left i was out of gas, so we stopped a mega station with a Micky D's. Tara got a McChicken and fries and JD had asked for something sweet so i got him 3 cookies for a buck. When we were walking back through the store to leave he was coming in from pumping gas and told me he was going to the restroom. When he came out he told me about the buy one get one free Hershey bar sign in the bathroom. Tara's favorite candy bar is a Hershey bar so we got two. i also get a 99 cent bag of Doritos's for the ride back cuz munching keeps me awake and i find it better to drive if i'm not sleeping. As we were riding down the interstate JD informs me that he's not a big fan of chocolate chip cookies (I've been married to the man for almost 14 years and this is the first I'm hearing about this). Needless to say, I got a cooking and Tara got a cookie. So now add a chocolate cookie and a bag of Doritos's to that enormous total from earlier and I now feel like i want to barf. When we got home i stepped on my defected scales and it read 311.0 i did have my shoes on though. I'm gonna go pee stripe naked and weigh again and see if it goes up any. Tomorrow will be a better day, RIGHT?

PS. My wonderful husband that love me more than almost anything or anyone else in the world stopped on his way home and brought me one of my most favorite things in the world. Now on top of all the above add a large over sweeten Tea to all that. Yep, on my way to barf.

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Maddds said...

Hi this is the first time I have seen your blog and I'd like to welcome you to the blogging community, it is a great support system, I'm also part of the 2008 get healthy challenge!!

I am wishing you the best of success!!