Friday, February 1, 2008

All is Well

I've really been having a great week. Over all an A week. After 6 weeks of not getting paid i finally got all my back pay today. Yeah, i can make the mortgage! I'm so relived to be able to pay the bills and not worry, worrying can really affect your eating, especially when you're an emotional eater. I think that is one reason I've had such a hard time taking control of my "diet".

This week was also great because i did a great job sticking to my "diet", "lifestyle change", whatever. I ate almost anything i wanted, was never hungry and still stayed under my goal calories. Once i get this mastered I'm going to cut back on the fat grams. I'm amazed how many I'm still consuming. I've been walking some everyday. I look for ways throughout my day to work in a walk and some exercise. Overall I'm pleased and hope the scales reward me on Wednesday.


Felicia said...

Hi ya!!

Just popping by to say Hello and wish you a wonderful weekend!!

Congrats on having such a wonderful week! glad to hear payday showed up. Always a stress reliever isn't it! LOL


Heather said...

im so glad you had a fantastic week! I know the scale will definitely reward you!

Hanlie said...

Wow, I would have been mega stressed! Well done on keeping it together regardless. Have a great weekend!

sybil said...

Glad you are having a good week. It must be a great relief to get the backpay - money certainly can impact our lives in a huge way.

Keep up the great work on the walking!

Linda said...

Popping by to say "HI".

Just read your 'A' day and it was FAB! Thanks for sharng that with us all.

Pleased that all is going well and you have finally been paid and so your worry has been lifted.
I notice despite any worries you have stayed on track, that is just FANTASTIC!! WELL DONE!!

Hugs x