Thursday, January 3, 2008

Large sweet tea please

OK, its three full days into '08 and i haven't gotten busy yet. I've heard that you shouldn't start a resolution on the first because you don't stick to it. I guess that's true for me. Honestly I'm miserable! I'm so fat i can't move! I need to stop talking about it and actually DO something about it. My weakness is SWEET TEA! It's evil and I can't get through a day without popping into McDonald's and filling up. That stuff is so sweet you can feel the grit. I'm not sure why its liquid and not a solid, I've seen 'em make it. A 5 pound bag of sugar in a four gallon container. Its so so good. I could go on and on about it. The problem is that I feel like a total failure when i just can't resist it and that makes me eat cheese puffs and pizza. Pizza makes me not want to exercise (not that i do anyway). I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not ready to give up the Tea. i know I should, I really want to, I just can't. Am i an addict? So the plan for tomorrow is to work on the other area's that i can address, stop feeling bad about the tea and control/change what i can.

One of my problems is that i have too many issues that need addressing. I want to fix them all NOW. I get frustrated that I can't just be the person i what to be overnight. i can't do that. i need to take small baby steps, set small manageable goals that I can control and feel like I've achieved something.


Scale Junkie said...

I understand how hard it is to give up certain foods and I don't think you should...except for when it comes to the tea. You are probably getting at least 300 calories from a drink. I'm a Florida girl myself, I do realize that asking you to give up sweet tea is like asking you to give up a body part. Now before you think I'm judging, let me tell you about my addiction to iced coffee. It was a 500 calorie a day habit that I had to break. It wasn't easy but I did it by making my own iced coffee at home using low fat milk and sugar free syrups from Davinci that come in a variety of flavors. I think you owe it to yourself to at least try iced tea with Splenda and try to like it. When I was watching the Biggest Loser the other night the one trainer said to one of the contestants...NEVER drink your calories. You can have a lot of good food for 300 calories. Hell you can have that slice of pizza for 300 calories. You'll be doing yourself and your body a favor if you learn to live without the sweet tea. YOU are worth so much more than a wax lined cup filled with liquid sugar!!

Abby said...

Hey Wendy!
My name is Abby and I work part-time at McDonald's. I am a stay-at-home mom of three small girls. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I too am having trouble with the tea! I started my weight loss efforts on 1-1-08. I started out at 265 and am proud to say that I am down to 187. I still have 40 pounds to go, but can't get past the tea. They finally got rid of one of my weaknesses, the dipped cone, but will not get rid of the tea. I have actually thought of quitting just because of it. I was doing so well, until I started working there. I really keep telling myself that I won't drink, that I will only drink water, but then I say, Oh one small cup won't hurt, and then it's all over! I feel your pain honey, trust me. Just get mad enough about it to stop. I think that is what it will take for me to quit also! I would love to keep chatting with you and checking in to see how you are doing. My email is I want to help you to help me. We can kick this habit together girl and God will be there with us each step of the way. Thanks and God bless you! You are in my prayers!