Friday, October 17, 2008

CCCC Weekly check in (5 DAYS LATE)


Felicia said...

I hear you on the husband thing. Dale is a lot taller than I am so when he is walking casually I am running. Ok maybe not running but walking my hiney off to keep up lol.

Loved the video! Congrats on the loss!


amy said...

Hope you get to go to the concert! Cant watch the video from the computer I am on but will later

Smasher Girl said...

i know exactly what you mean about rewarding doesnt really feel that good to me....but that might be part of the process of caring more about what I think than what other people think and doing this for ME. plus when i DO try to reward myself, all i can think of is FOOD...not the best reward for weight loss.

my husband is way faster than me too...a bit irritating.

it's really great that your time has gone up so much!!! keep it up!!! and i cant wait till your next video where you tell me you are in the TWO'S!!!!!

SuperDave said...

Don't get discouraged bout the lack of weightloss this week. Next week will be better :)

Chubbymum said...

I have to say I love the video's you have made. It has encouraged me to put them on my private blog.

Thank you for sharing and I will pop back again to watch and read.

It is certainly encouraging to read about your journey.


Tamzin said...

Hi Wendi, I found you through some other weight loss blogs as I have started myself.

I have yet to decide how to reward as well...since I've always done that with food and thats not really the point here, is it.

Here is my thought on a non-food reward, as I think that I will be doing this as well. I did see on another blog where the person put a * for every 5lbs lost in a side box. There was all these little ******** all lined up. It looked quite gratifying to see your weight loss quantified like that. Although, I think I'm going to go for every 1lbs lost so that I get to see more stars!! haha!