Thursday, October 2, 2008

CCCC Weekly check in (LATE)

Sorry I'm late but this week has turned out to be super busy and next week with my business partner gone on a cruise and me left holding the company cell phone will be even busier! I started this journey on Sept 18th at 319# and was surprised how quickly i was able to lose a few pounds. I wanted to make my weight loss very gradual so that my new lifestyle would be more like a habit rather than a short term quick fix. Aiming for a lose of 2 pounds a week. Monday morning when i stepped on the scales 308# was the reading i received. WOW 11 pounds in 11 days, that was really not what i expected. Honestly I haven't been doing that incredibly good. I still have ice cream and sweeten coffee although i have given up my beloved sweet tea for water. I haven't exercised but twice a week. I can't imagine what it would be like if i were being strict and hard core like some people are.

The other night my husband and I went to the little park down the road from our house and was going to walk around the walking path. As soon as i got out of the car and walked through the gates i could hear a small "meow, meow" and it got louder and louder. Out from the bushes wobbled a small kitten. I tried to reach down and give the little guy some loven but he or she ran from my outreached hand. So we began to walk, and i could hear it again "meow, meow" we look back and itty bitty was following us around the path. Three laps we made and itty bitty followed us like our shadow the entire time "meow, meow" all the way. Our little shadow made the mistake of climbing up in a bush beside the bench we stopped at and gave me the exact opportunity to grab him. Now he resides under my bed. He is so cute. If i could ever figure out how to put pictures on the thing i would post a pic of him or her. Shadow is so small I'm not sure which shim is. The dogs really want to play with the kitty and my 9 year old cat is so pi$$ed at me he wants to kill me in my sleep.

Today i was really bad. We, my business partner(AKA Mom) and I had a early meeting in Jacksonville out near the beach. I rode into town (town - what you call the big city when you live in the country) with her and she always stops at Starbucks before one of these meetings. So of course I got me a Venti coffee Frap. (YUMMY!) I had a 100 cal yogurt for breakfast. After mom dropped me off at my house about 1pm we made arrangements to meet for lunch (we both had to go home to let our doggies out for a quick potty break) I meet mom at Dick's Wings about a mile and a half from my house. I got the special . . . It came with a drink. My first sweet tea in more than a week. It was so good. I had the chicken tenders (FRIED) with the waffle fries (FRIED AGAIN). I used two sauces of the cajun ranch (PURE FAT). After doing the math as best i could 1900 calories for lunch! GADZUKES!! Anyhow, i ended the day at 2900. That's along ways from the 1800 - 2200 that i have set as goal.

My favorite advice that my mom ever gave me is "As we progress, sometimes we will regress." Basically accept that I will fall short of the goal but it's all in an attempt to reach that goal. Just because one day was, um, crappy doesn't mean I've failed and should give up, it is expected and gonna happen. All part of the journey.


Felicia said...

CONGRATS on your loss!! That is wonderful. Keep up the amazing work!!

Have a SUPER day!

amy said...

Great attitude!! My WI was yesterday. So whats the kitty look like? Does it have a name?

COngrats and keep going

Val said...

YAY!!! For LOSS!!! :-)