Wednesday, October 22, 2008

S-U-G-A-R ! ! !

Aunt Flo is visiting so i decided that i wouldn't count calories, i would just sit back and relax as i can get very cranky and snappy during this time. I have been very very bad. Sweet tea two days in a row and tonight i bought a pumpkin pie at Sam's Club and a big tub of Cool Whip Lite. This was too too too good. As i was finishing up my big 'ole piece of pie i started to get light headed and the room began to spin like i was high. i got high off the sugar. WOW. I had heard about this but didn't actually believe it could happen. It was kinda scary. Now i am going to challenge myself to cut out sugar. My Tupperware lady can go one for hours about how bad sugar is and that it will cause cancer and kill you and so on. I think i will listen to her next time he goes off an a tangent.


nmburleson said...

I found you over at CCCC. I was PMS'ing this last week and I gained 2 pounds. I at a lot of candy and ice cream and all sorts of stuff. Oh well. TOM is hard sometimes with the hormonal thing. I have been trying to get off sugar too. If I could just have some in my morning coffee and then none for the rest of the day I'd be happy. Hope you have a great week! :)

Smasher Girl said...

yikes. that IS scary. i am so addicted to sugar. well, actually food in general. i would never do drugs and i hardly drink alcohol bc its bad for my body...yet i dont mind destroying it will excess fat, calories and sugar. sad. but at least im trying to change it.

but im with you on not sweating the small stuff when tom is's like setting yourself up for failure!

Michelle said...

I totally understand the sugar addiction. I to am addicted to sugar and for several weeks I have been very successful at staying away from the white stuff but today I have been craving it badly and I am trying hard to stay away from it. It's a bad addiction to have but you can do it ...eating lots of veggies keeps the cravings at bay. Good luck.