Saturday, January 12, 2008

All in a days work

Today was a very busy day for me. I woke up at 8am, by the time i showered, packed a lunch bag and collected my things i didn't leave the house til almost 10. I made breakfast when i got to work and warmed up the coffee i had made at the house. I got it too hot and couldn't drink it, it tasked scorched to me. Lynn, the lady i sit with, and I decided to go to the movies (don't hate me because i get paid to go to the movies). We meet my mom at the movies and i shared some of her popcorn, I told myself i wasn't going to buy popcorn. After that we went to chick fil a, her favorite place. I discovered that they have carrot and raisin salad instead of fries and its pretty good. When we got back to Lynn's i barely got her settled when her sister came home and i left there and went straight to Hanna's (another person i work with). She and I talked for a while and then i helped her clean on her room some. After about an hour her mother came home and we all went for dinner. They wanted to go to Tijuana Flats, i had never been before. I got a kids meal because I'm #1 cheap, #2 kids meals are usually enough and #3 i didn't want to invest allot of money in something i didn't know if i was gonna like. i was really impressed with the quality of skinless, harmone free, white meat chicken in the burrito. By the time i got back the Hanna's home and left for home myself it was after 8pm. I think i did very well for being out all day. i took lunch with me just in case i got to Lynn's and she wasn't feeling up to going out. I had a bag full of snacks, some i ate at the movies in an attempt to stay out of the popcorn bucket. I was worried about not being about to eat sensibly when i was out all day but I'm becoming more and more confident that i can do it.


Hanlie said...

Well done! The best part of it is that as you go along, you gain confidence and experience. Proud of you!

Was the movie any good?

Felicia said...

Sounds like you had a super day!! It was well thought out and you gave yourself options in case your plan got detoured. WELL DONE!!!

Keep up the awesome work!!

Felicia =0)

Chubby Chick said...

Sounds like you had a great day! You're learning a lot... and putting it into practice! That's a winning combination, girl! Good for you! :)