Sunday, January 6, 2008

What I would like to have happen in my life in 2008

Lose weight - i need to lose allot of pounds but honestly any would be fabulous.

Exercise - Something i don't do enough of, i know if i would just get on my treadmill and get my heart going i would feel 100x better.

Daily Meditation/Devotion - Time for myself and my thoughts. Time to reflect and ponder.

Attend a meeting - at least once a week, i must get back to that, and my step work.

Charge Nothing - I owe, I owe, off to work i go. I will not charge a single nother thing to a charge card and i will work to payoff the ones I've got maxed out now.

Owe less - This goes along with the last. Husband time - I feel bad because I don't spend quality time with my husband. i, we, need to plan more alone time. I've heard that you have to work at marriage, that's true.

Be organized - Oh God, help me!!!

Clean and Orderly House - If the house was in better order I'd be happy. People say, "I just want to be happy" but most couldn't tell you what does it mean to be happy. I can't. A clean and orderly home.

Wash my face - i don't take care of myself, face included. I'm getting older and the signs of age are creeping up on me and my face. i need to commit to a nightly wash before bed, I should moisturize too.

Brush my teeth - Another area i neglect. Brushing once a day would be an improvement. I'd like to take care of my teeth while i still have them all.

Shower Daily - I don't get it, when i was in high school i showered every morning before the sun shined. Now I struggle to shower every other day. Granted, sweating is my least favorite thing but i live in Florida now. Come on Wendi.

Take a vitamin - I think if i found a good multi vitamin I would feel better, i can't take iron so I've just never bothered but I'm missing out on all the other stuff.

Grow my business - Build my business so that i can just do administrative rather that the actually work also.

People Skills - Lord, Father God, help me with this one too. I need to develop finesse when dealing with stupid people, and learn to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. Stop being sarcastic, that never helps.

Use my time more wisely - I'm horrible with my time. i procrastinate everything. I've got paperwork I should be doing right now. What do today what I can put off til tomorrow . . . or the day after that.

Keep my Paperwork up to date - honestly it makes me want to cry. I love my job but the paperwork makes me want to go back to overdrawn whiners at the call center, I will do my paperwork daily!! (once i get caught up)

Stop swearing its not very lady like and it probably makes Jesus sad.

Stop driving like an Idiot, I'm gonna kill somebody or myself. Killing myself defeats the whole purpose of losing weight and being more healthy.

Wear my seat belt every time i get in a moving vehicle, especially if I'm driving.


Chubby Chick said...

Wow... I know what you mean about the clean house and the paperwork! I get antsy if everything isn't tidy in my house. Here's an idea.

Instead of looking at the big picture... which can be QUITE overwhelming at times... set mini-goals to help tidy up. Just focus on one area at a time... set the timer on your microwave for 15 or 20 minutes every day or night... and go to work. And for those 20 minutes... start tossing, returning, etc. and get as much done as you can. And once that timer goes off... you're done. No pressure to do more! If you keep doing that on a daily basis... it's certainly going to add up. And you've accomplished something without stressing out too much about it.

My hubby started a business last year, and I do all the paperwork for it. It drives me nuts if I don't keep caught up! I'm still working on that one. lol

Good luck with ALL your goals! I KNOW that you can accomplish them! Just work out a plan... and don't stress out too much when things aren't perfect. :)

Swizzlepop said...

Considering that I just blogged about how I need to be proud of how well I take care of myself I thought it was interesting that I just read your goals about hygiene.
Taking pride in your appearance will make you feel so much better which will in turn make you want to be healthier. Make certain things just part of your daily routine. Get up, have your coffee and or breakfast and take a shower and brush your teeth then go on with your day. Start your day off fresh in every way. Once you have that under control and just a normal thing then focus on your face/skin which needs to be washed minimun once a day but if you are in FL where I'm sure it's hot and humid then you really need to be showering and washing your face daily at minimum to get rid of the sweat and dirt and grime from the environment. And I'm a HUGE believer in sunscrene so get a moisturizer with sunscreen this way you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You are moisturizing your skin and preventing sun damage. :) I swear you will feel 10 times better about yourself if you start making good hygiene. You deserve it!
As far as the other goals, I wish I had some magic wand because I myself struggle with organization, and a tidy house and paper clutter it's something I constantly try to better. Try they have great techniques for cleaning. They work well if you really do them daili, although I feel off that wagon and haven't gotten back on yet LOL.

Good luck with everything and hope things have been going well so far!

(from the Healthy You Challenge)