Monday, January 14, 2008

today wasn't so good food wise, i overdid it quite a bit. I was home all day and of course got bored. I was trying to get some paperwork done and get a little organization going on. I had an interview at 5pm which went well i think but honestly i don't even know if i have the time that this person would require. That was the only time i left the house today. It was nice to spend the day at home with my daughter, i sometimes feel like i don't see her enough. She's outta school Friday and we have made plans for skating on Thursday night and her dad and i will take her to the movies Friday. I have a full day tomorrow so i will have to take my bag so i don't overdo it again.
My cat, yellson, has been especially needy today, maybe he knows that i need extra kitty love but i just wish he'd get off my key board while I'm typing. He's an only kitty again, if he gets bored he can always play with the dog.


The Cakehole said...

I knwo your pain, bordom eating is one of the worst things for me!

Felicia said...

Stopping by to drop of "have a super week" wishes to you!!

Remember you can do this!! You are WORTH doing it for!

Felicia =0)

Lidian said...

It's Ok Wendi, you are going through a really tough time right now so just try and do the best you can each day, don't worry, you will get back on track.

I know that the 'only' kitty in that situation does feel more needy - happened to us too, and I KNOW I could not have dieted during that time. Hugs to you -

Chubby Chick said...

I hope you have a great week! :)

Curly said...

Boredom is bad stuff for those of us who tend to stuff our faces! I'm getting much better, but I sometimes eat things I don't even like when I get bored.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your weight loss goals. I look forward to checking in with you!