Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Healthy me Challenge Introduction

I've always been over weight. My grand mother taught me to appreciate good food. She was a wonderful cook. She showed love by taking care of you and what better way to be taken care of than being fed? I sure was loved! I steady gained an average of 10 pounds a year since i was born. Except when i dieted about 5 years again and lost 40 pounds but i hurt my ankle and quickly undid all the hard work i had done. So, now I'm 34 weigh 306 and miserable. I've only attempted once before to lose weight and was quite successful, i felt great, i could even cross my legs again. (There's me a nonscale goal). I've been trying for about 2 months now to diet again and I just CAN'T. I can't get it going. I've bought all the right foods and done all the research but just can't do it. I'm going to bed now and tomorrow morning is a new day and I WILL DO IT. (not much of an intro, huh?)


Saweetie-Carleen said...

we are all here for you!! lots of support is very helpful on this journey!! you can and will get this done...
welcome to the healthy you challenge and I look forward to getting to know you
happy weekend!

Lidian said...

Hi Wendi, That was a perfectly fine intro - and I'm so glad to 'meet' you! Like Carleen said, we are all here for you and each other...I am feeling sort of overwhelmed by everything too. I amtrying to do just a little - set the bar low. It is OK to set it low. Five minutes of doing something will feel good - on any of your list of goals.

Mind you I have not done five minutes of anything much today, so much for that :)

Happy rest of the weekend - Lidian

Teale said...

I was gonna tell you, back in the earlier entries of my blog (September-ish) I posted more recipes. It actually started off as a food blog (hence the name Teale's Meals!), but I got side tracked. LOL. If you check back in the old entries you may find some things you like (some with pictures)

Chubby Chick said...

Welcome aboard the "Healthy You Challenge!" I'm glad you joined!

We're all in this together... we're all facing a lot of the same struggles... and we're all going to lose weight together. So hang in there! It's going to be a good year! :)

Felicia said...


Welcome to the Healthy Challenge!!

There is nothing we cant do if we all stick together!! 2008 is going to be a great year!!!

Nice to "meet" you!

Felicia =0)

Swizzlepop said...

I am always posting new WW (Weight Watcher) friendly recipes in my blog if you want to check it out. Also check out she lost a lot of weight and is always posting YUMMY good for you and low fat recipes.