Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lack of Motivation

I just can't seem to pull myself together. i really want to do this, but obviously not bad enough or I'd find a way within me to get it going. I need motivation. What do y'all use for motivation? Help.


Becky said...

I have to find my main motivation from within me - the desire/need to DO THIS. Also do you have any visual motivators such as charms or a chart showing you marking days off (blue for successful days, red for the days that weren't the best)? One thing I created on excel is a GOAL chart and I am tracking my weekly weight, pounds lost, minutes exercised that week, and days on track - with this information I have also created a way to earn money for my GOAL shopping spree! Those are just the few things I do! Hope you find something that helps!

CindyPTN said...

Motivation is a tricky thing. What has you down? Most of the time it's how we are dealing with everything else in our life. It's okay to get down.

I like to have a plan and concrete goals. Small ones. Like I am going to drink my 8 glasses of water today. Force a smile on your face when you've completed the task. You'll be amazed how that feels. When I'm running low, I also turn to my cyber-friends. This challenge is a great way for you to share the joys with others. Sometimes, a good ol' nap does the trick. Give yourself a small reward for achieve one goal a day. Such as a bubble bath or painting your nails if it's not a usual thing you do. You can do it.

ExpressingNotStuffing said...

I struggle all of the time with motivation. Being an emotional eater is what usually gives me the most struggles. I like to EAT my feelings. Like cindyptn said "Most of the time it's how we are dealing with everything else in our life" - STRESS usually is what does me in!
I have rewarded myself so much with FOOD over the years that it's my drug of choice to numb myself.
I am learning to be better.
Post a lot and ask for help and we will help you get to goal. I need your help too. It's a long journey to goal and then even maintaining once it's lost! We can do it!

byebyechunkymonkey said...

Hello. Just love your self to death. Treat your self like you would treat a child. Would you say mean things to a child when they don’t meet your expectations? Would you over or under feed a child? No of course not so try to treat yourself with the same kindness. The other thing that really gets my butt in gear is a bathing suit... camera and tripod. One look and off to the gym I go. You’re doing great and always know you are not alone

Sybil said...

Lately when I have struggles, I head on over to a blog that offers a good supply of honesty. He can be a bit brutal so you may have to take him with a grain of salt, but for whatever reason, he really keeps me moving forward when I'd rather give up and pull the covers over my head. Some people really don't like his way of delivering his message so be warned!

Lidian said...

Hi Wendi - Motivation can be so hard especially when you are right in the moment of wanting to eat whatever it is, and just really not wanting to do otherwise...been there lots of times! I guess for me it is a question of stepping out of the moment and thinking about taking care of myself - just me, like being a good mom to myself, and remembering how good I feel when I look after my body, and how nice it will be to feel good about clothes fitting and so on.

I try to go do something else, too - try on clothes and think how I WILL get into those jeans later on this year.

Also it helps to have stuff that is nice but not fattening to eat - all ready for me. I like SmartPop for example, fills you up and 230 cals for a huge bag (lots of fiber too).

Also, when it is hard for me, it usually means there's other stuff going on. Writing in my paper journal helps.

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! I just read everyone's comments, and they are great! Rather than comment here, I'm going to respond to the email that you sent me. :)

Felicia said...

Small steps keeps me motivated. Seeing that even if the day isnt perfect there are still perfect parts of each day. Make a list of WHY you are wanting to lose weight. Make another list of things you will do when you lose that weight. I am a "chart-er" lol. I stay motivated by keeping charts of everything. Makes me feel like I am taking control of it and this way I can also see where I have been and where I hope to be soon.

Hang in there!!

Felicia =0)

Michelle said...

For me, my motivation is more of a spiritual thing. But I do agree with Felicia, you need to know why you are doing this in order to be successful, and this is different for everybody.

Wishing you the best!